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Ancestors of Paul Crutzen

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Paul Josef Crutzen

Born on 3 December 1933 in Amsterdam. Dutch meteorologist, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1995 (together with Maria Jose Molina (USA) and Frank Sherwood Rowland (USA)).

My mother's parents moved to the industrial Ruhr region in Germany from East Prussia towards the end of the last century. They were of mixed German and Polish origin. In 1929 at the age of 17, my mother, moved to Amsterdam to work as a housekeeper. There she met my father. He came from Vaals, a little town in the southeastern corner of the Netherlands, Bordering Belgium and Germany and very close to the historical German city of Aachen. He died in 1977. He had relatives in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Thus, from both parents I inherited a cosmopolitan view of the world. My mother, now 84 years old, still lives in Amsterdam, mentally very alert, but since a few months ago, wheelchair-bound. Despite having worked in several countries outside The Netherlands since 1958, I have remained a Dutch citizen. (Text written by Paul Crutzen in 1995)


2. Jozef Crutzen.
3. Anna Gurk, born about 1912 in the Ruhr region in Germany.