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Ancestors of Tjalling Koopmans

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Tjalling Charles Koopmans

Born on 28 August 1910 in ‘s-Graveland, he died on 26 February 1985 in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Dutch economist, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1975 (together with Leonid Kantorovich). He was a student of Jan Tinbergen. In 1946, he became a citizen of the USA.

Tjalling is the nephew of Pieter van der Meer, father of Simon van der Meer (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1984).


2. Sjoerd Koopmans, born about 1877 in Oppenhuizen. He was a head teachter. On 5 September 1902, in Sneek, he married
3. Wijtske van der Zee, born about 1878 in Sneek.


4. Tjalling Pieters Koopmans, born about 1830 in Oppenhuizen. On 8 May 1858, in Wymbritseradeel, he married
5. Rigtje Sjoerds Joustra, born about 1838 in Oppenhuizen.
6. Jan Heijes van der Zee, born about 1843 in Sneek. He was a house and carriage painter. On 13 November 1870, in Sneek, he married
7. Hendrikje Everts van der Veen, born on 30 December 1841 in Heerenveen, Schoterland.


8. Pieter Rientzes Koopmans, born about 1789 in Offingawier. On 27 January 1815, in Nijland, Wymbritseradeel, he married
9. Okjen Taedes de Jong, born about 1793 in Goënga.
10. Sjoerd Atzes Joustra, born about 1809 in Oppenhuizen. On 21 May 1831, in Wymbritseradeel, he married
11. Suster Johans de Jager, born about 1813 in Jutrijp.
12. Heije Wijbrands van der Zee, born about 1814 in Bolsward. He was a house and carriage painter. On 22 November 1838, in Sneek, he married
13. Wijtske van der Veer, born about 1812 in Sneek.
14. Evert Andries van der Veen, born about 1798 in Heerenveen. He stayed on several occasions as a “kolonist” (beggar or small criminal) in the Ommerschans institute. On 7 December 1823, in Heerenveen, he married
15. Jantje Haantjes Posthuma, born on 29 March 1801 in Heeg.



16. Rients Pieters Koopmans.
17. Beitsche Alberts.
18. Taede Annes de Jong.
19. Gatske Gerbens.
20. Atze Hendriks Joustra.
21. Rigtje Sjoerds.
22. Johan Ekkes de Jager.
23. Geertje Pieters Koopmans.
24. Wiebren Hessels van der Zee.
25. Sjouwke Gerbens Bokma.
26. Roelof Hendriks van der Veer.
27. Janneke Everts Vlink.
28. Andries Meines, born about 1759 in Terbantsterschans. On 8 November 1778, in Terband, he married
29. Jantje Rieuwerts Tadema, born about 1760 in Nijehaskerschans.
30. Haantje Haantjes.
31. Jeltje Jakobs.