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Ancestors of Ivo Opstelten

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Ivo Willem Opstelten

Born on 31 January 1944 in Rotterdam. He is a politician for the VVD, the leading right-wing party in the Netherlands. At 28, he became the youngest mayor of the Netherlands. He was mayor of Dalen, Doorn, Delfzijl, Utrecht and Rotterdam. Since 2010, he is minister of Security and Justice.


2. Ivo Opstelten.
3. Hilda Munniks de Jongh.


4. Ivo Willem Opstelten, born about 1885 in Wageningen. He was a cigar manufacturer. On 13-6-1911, in Rheden, he married
5. Hendrina Catharina Beek, born about 1888 in Zwolle.
6. Wijnoldus Dignus Munniks de Jongh, born on 17-4-1883 in Bandoeng, Indonesia. He lived in Indonesia and worked as a geologist with the Dutch oil company.  On21 May 1913, in Weltevreden, he married
7. Johanna Clasina  Roem, born on 11 April 1887 in Leiden.


8. Jean Willem Diderik Opstelten, born about 1851 in Wijchen. He was a cigar manufacturer. On 28 August 1879, in Wageningen, he married
9. Wilhelmina Albertina van Heuven, born about 1856 in Apeldoorn.
10. Evert Beek, born about 1859 in Wageningen. On 12 January 1883, in Rhenen, he married 
11. Leonora Ida Tielenius Kruijthoff, born on 20-7-1860 in Rhenen, she died on 28-5-1928 in Nijmegen.
12. Wijnoldus Munniks de Jongh, born on 3 March 1850 in Leeuwarden. He lived in Indonesia. On 17 December 1877, in Probolingo, Indonesia, he married   
13. Lucie Digna Kniphorst, born on 23 July 1859 in Besoeki, Indonesia.
14. Johannes Roem, born on 27 August 1857 in Alkmaar, he died on 23 July 1923 in Leiden. On 19 September 1883, in Leiden, he married
15. Clasina van Rhijn, born on 21 August 1861 in Katwijk aan de Rijn, she died on 5 January 1897 in Leiden.


16. Ivo Opstelten, born about 1815 in Aalst (Poederoijen). He was a school teacher. On 27 July 1843, in Elburg, he married  
17. Elizabeth Johanna Benten, born about 1816 in Heerde.
18. Johannes Cornelis van Heuven, born about 1814 in Velp. On 30 April 1844, in Rozendaal, he married
19. Clasina Petronella Magdalena Kets, born about 1822 in Rozendaal.
20. Peel Beek, born about 1820 in Wageningen. He was a merchant. On 27 April 1843, in Wageningen, he married
21. Janna Anthonia Theodora van Rijn, born about 1820 in Wageningen.
22. Gerardus Cornelius Johannes Tielenius Kruijthoff, born about 1833 in Haarlem. On 2 September 1859, in Rhenen, he married
23. Hendrina Catharina Sandbrink, born about 1831 in Rhenen.
24. Jan Jacobus Munniks de Jongh, born on 2 October 1808 in Doesburg. On 12 April 1833, in Groningen, he married
25. Geertruida Aletta Munniks, born on 29 April 1809 in Groningen.
26. Jacob Kniphorst, born about 1827 in Meppel, Drenthe. On 5 October 1852, in Delft, he married
27. Annette Adolphine Cornets de Groot, born about 1829 in Soerabaia, Indonesia.
28. Johannes Roem, born about 1819 in Alkmaar. On 19 December 1849, in Rotterdam, he married
29. Catharina Wilhelmina Maria Bartels, born about 1822 in Rotterdam.
30. Joannes van Rhijn, born about 1827 in Hazerswoude. On 29 October 1847, in Alphen aan den Rijn, he married
31. Clasina Kop, born about 1825 in Alphen aan den Rijn.

(3x) Great-Grandparents

32. Johannes Opstelten. He married
33. Anna Elisabeth Sonneveld.
34. Jan Christiaan Benten. He married
35. Geertruida Susanna Teeringh.
36. Derk van Heuven. He married
37. Maria Swenk.
38. Geurt Kets. He was a mayor. He married
39. Aletta de Ridder.
40. Dirk Beek. He married
41. Willemina Elisabeth van Ommeren.
42. Jan van Rijn. He was alderman. He married
43. Johanna Frederika Boekelman.
44. Elias Tielenius Kruijthoff. He married
45. Leonora Ida Hoeufft.
46. Jacobus Gerardus Sandbrink. He married
47. Deliana Dedrica Roelofs.
48. Wijbrand Adriaan de Jongh. He married
49. Anna Geertruida Noot.
50. Jacobus Munniks. He married
51. Antoinette Catharine Abresch.
52. Gerardus Lambertus Kniphorst. He married
53. Maria Hendrika Hofstede.
54. Johan Hora Cornets de Groot. He married
55. Brigitte Constance Henriette Borwater.
56. Pieter Roem. He married
57. Christina Bosman.
58. Andries Christoffel Bartels. He married
59. Alida Cornelia Wilton.
60. Pieter van Rhijn. He married
61. Johana Wilhelmina de Raat.
62. Jacob Kop. He married
63. Johanna Baas.