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Robolli road sign

The Italian Robols

When we started the Roobol genealogy, we supposed that all Ro(o)(d)bols in the world had to be of Dutch origin. So great was our joy when we found hundreds of Robols in the US telephone directory. By investigating a random sample of these, we discovered that all these Robols were of Italian origin. 

Supposedly, all of them share their roots in the Riva di Vallarsa in the Northern Italian province of Trento (see picture below). 

It is Trentino where the bulk of the Italians Robols still live. Little can be said about the origin of these Robols. Belonging to Vallarsa though, there was a small hamlet consisting of just a few houses, called Robolli. It could be that there is a link between this hamlet and the surname Robol.

On September 10th, 2011, we visited the hamlet, and took these pictures:

Robol genealogy, kindly provided to us by Mr. Bruno Robol (see picture above):

I. Michael Robol, born about 1650. Children:

II. Bartolomeus Robol, born about 1680 in Bruni di Vallarsa. His wife was called Lucia.Children:

III. Michele Robol, born 14 Mar 1706 in Bruni di Vallarsa, he died there on 10 May 1773. His wife was called Maria. Children:

IV. Giuseppe Robol, born about 1738, died on 28 Dec 1818 in Bruni di Vallarsa. On 19 Apr 1762, he was married in Parrocchia di Vallarsa with Lucia a Platea, born 22 Jan 1740 in Parrocchia di Vallarsa, daughter of Joannis Baptista a Platea and Elene. Children:

V. Bartolomeo Robol, born 24 Apr 1777 in Bruni di Vallarsa. On 23 Jul 1799, in Parrocchia di Vallarsa, he was married with Maria, daughter of Felice Piazza and Maria (?) Sartori. Children:

VI. Giuseppe Batta Robol, born 5 Feb 1804 in Bruni di Vallarsa. On 28 Jul 1827, in Parrocchia di Vallarsa, he was married withTeresa Tessaro, born in 1804, maybe in Staro, daughter of Giuseppe Tessaro and Maria. Children:

VIIa. Bartolomeo Robol, born 25 Feb 1836 in Bruni di Vallarsa. He was married with Lucia Tommasi, daughter of Michele Tommasi and Maria. Children:

VIIb.Giuseppe Alessandro Robol, born 15 Mar 1840 in Bruni di Vallarsa. He was married with Gioseffa Cumer, daughter ofCarlo Cumer and Catterina Aste. Children:

VIIIa. Giovanni Battista Lisandro Robol, born on 14 Aug 1862 in Bruni di Vallarsa, died in 1928 in Rovereto. He was married with Fanny Finotti, born in 1873 in S. Felice, died in 1940 in Rovereto. Children:

VIIIb. Giuseppe Robol, born 8 Aug 1876 in Bruni di Vallarsa. On 16 Feb 1909, he was married in Valle dei Signori with Santina Vallortigara, born 8 Aug 1884 in Valle dei Signori, daughter of Giacomo Vallortigara and Pierina Maroschin. On 13 Jun 1910 Giuseppe arrived at Ellis Island, New York, on board of the "Lapland", which had sailed from Antwerp, Belgium, via Dover, U.K. Children:

IXa. Bruno Robol, born 31 May 1906 in Mori, died 10 Feb 1992 in Rovereto. On 31 Jul 1925, he was married in Rovereto withAmelia Tomasi, born 24 May 1906 in Rovereto, died 23 May 1990, daughter of Angelo Tomasi and Nonna Rolando. Children:

Xa. Rolando Robol, born 12 Oct 1925 in Rovereto, he died there on 1 Jan 1984. He was married with Alfonsa Natalia Tomasini, born 15 Dec 1926 in Lizzanella, daughter of Silvio Sebastiano Maria Tomasini and Rosa Maria Berlanda.