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Ancestors of William I of Orange

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William I of Orange

1. Willem I "de Zwijger", prins van Oranje, Guillaume "le taciturne" prince d'Orange, William "the Silent", prince of Orange, Wilhelm "der Schweiger", Prinz von Oranien, was born on 24 April 1533 at Dillenburg Castle, he was murdered on 10 July 1584 at the Prinsenhof in Delft. Being the leader of the revolt against the king of Spain, lord of the low countries, William played a pivotal role in defining the boundaries of a country now known as the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.


2. William I "the rich", count of Nassau-Dillenburg, Willem I "de Rijke", graaf van Nassau-Dillenburg, born on 10 April 1487 at Dillenburg castle, died there on 6 October 1559. On 20 September 1531, at the Oberen Schloss in Siegen, he married
3. Countess Juliana of Stolberg, gravin Juliana van Stolberg, born on 15 February 1506 at Stolberg castle, died on 18 June 1580 at Dillenburg castle.


4. Johan V, count of Nassau-Vianden-Dietz, Lord of Breda, Johan V, graaf van Nassau-Vianden-Dietz, Heer van Breda, born on 9 November 1455 in Breda, died on 30 July 1516 at Dillenburg castle. On 11 February 1482, in Marburg, he married
5. Elisabeth of Hessen, Elisabeth van Hessen, born in May of 1466 in Marburg, died on 7 or 17 January 1523 in Cologne (Keulen, Köln). She was buried in Siegen.
6. Bodo III, count of Stolberg, Bodo III, graaf van Stolberg, born on 4 January 1467 at Stolberg castle, died there on (12?) June 1538. On 24 August 1500, in Königstein, he married
7. Anna, countess of Eppenstein-Königstein, Anna, gravin van Eppstein-Königstein, born in 1481, died on (7 August?) 1538 at Stolberg castle.


8. John IV, count of Nassau-Vianden-Dietz, Lord of Breda, Jan (Johan) IV van Nassau-Vianden-Dietz, Heer van Breda, born on 1 August 1410 at Dillenburg castle, died there on 3 February 1475. On 7 February 1440, he married
9. Maria van Loon-Heinsberg, born in 1426, died on 20 April 1502. She and her husband are buried in the monument for Engelbrecht I of Nassau in the Grote kerk at the Grote Markt in Breda.
10. Henry III "the Rich", Landgrave of Hessen, Hendrik III "de Rijke", landgraaf van Hessen, born on 15 October 1440, died on 13 January 1483. He married, before 1458, with
11. Anna of Katzenelnbogen, Anna van Katzenelnbogen.
12. Hendrik IX van Stolberg
13. Mathilde van Mansfeld
14. Philip I of Eppenstein, count of Königstein.
15. Louise de la Marck.


16. Engelbert I of Nassau, Engelbrecht I of Nassau, born in the 1370's at Dillenburg castle, died on 3 May 1442 in Breda.
17. Johanna van Polanen, born on 10 January 1392, died on 15 May 1445 in Breda.
18. Johan I, graaf van Loon-Heinsberg
19. Anne Margrethe van Solms-Braunfels
20. Lodewijk I van Hessen
21. Anna van Saksen
22. Philip I "the Elder", count of Katzenelnbogen.
23. Anne of Württemberg.
24. Bodo I, count of Stolberg.
25. Anna of Schwarzburg-Blankenburg.
26. Volrad II, count of Mansfeld.
27. Margarethe of Schlesien-Priebus.
28. Eberhard III, Lord of Eppenstein-Königstein.
29. Anna of Nassau-Wiesbaden.
30. Louis I de la Marck, count of Rochefort.
31. Nicole d'Aspremont.

(3x) Great-Grandparents

32. Johan I van Nassau-Dillenburg
33. Margaretha, gravin van der Marck
34. Jan III van Polanen, heer van Breda.
35. ‏Odilia van Salm.
36. Godfried van Loon-Heinsberg.
37. Filipa van Gulik.
38. Otto I van Solms.
39. Agnes van Falkenstein.
40. Herman II van Hessen.
41. Margaretha van Hohenzollern.
42. Frederik I van Saksen.
43. Catharina van Brunswijk-Lüneburg.
44. John IV, count of Katzenelnbogen (younger line).
45. Anne of Katzenelnbogen (older line).
46. Eberhard IV "the Younger", count of Württemberg.
47. Henriette of Mömpelgard (Montbéliard).
48. Henry XVI, count of Stolberg.
49. Elisabeth of Mansfeld.
50. Henry XXIV, count of Schwarzburg-Blankenburg.
51. Katharina of Braunschweig-Lüneburg.
52. Gebhard IV, count of Mansfeld-Querfurt.
53. Elisabeth of Käfernburg.
54. John I, duke of Schlesien-Glogau-Sagan.
55. Scholastika of Saxony.
56. Eberhard II, Lord of Eppenstein-Königstein.
57. Anna of Cronberg.
58. Adolf II, count of Nassau-Wiesbaden-Idstein.
59. Margarethe of Baden.
60. Eberhard II de la Marck.
61. Agnes of Walcourt-Rochefort.
62. Gobert of Aspremont, Lord of Buzancy.
63. Marie de la Baume.