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Family line of Femke Lintelo

  1. Femke Petra Lintelo, born on 21 Feb 1966 in den Haag, lived in Rotterdam, Zoetermeer, and Leiden, consecutively. On 7 Apr 1989, she married with Lars Peter Roobol, they get two children: Mette (1992) and Steffan (1993). The family lives in Leiden, Bayreuth (Germany), Staines (Engeland), Bedfont (greater London, Engeland), Groningen, Alkmaar, and Stompetoren.
  2. Petrus (Peter) Maria Jozef Lintelo, born on 12 Jun 1940 in Voorburg. On 20 Feb 1965, he married in church withHelena Wilhelmina Maria (Leni) Spekman, born 3 Sep 1943 in Voorburg. They shortly lived in Rotterdam, thereafter in Zoetermeer, and had two daughters: Femke Petra (1966) and Annelene Franka (1968).
  3. Martinus Johannes August Lintelo, born 14 Sep 1905 in den Haag, he died on 3 Sep 1984 in den Haag. On 6 Sep 1934, he married withNorberdina Francisca Maria Verhoeven, born 4 Apr 1906 in Bergen op Zoom, she died on 11 Jan 1987 in den Haag. They had three children, Peter (1940), Tino (1943) and Dorine (1951).
  4. Petrus Martinus Johannes Lintelo, born 17 Feb 1879 in den Haag, he died there in 1951. He was married withWilhelmina Arnolda Maria Beijens, born  23 Oct 1875 in den Haag, she died there on 21 Dec 1939. After  Martinus (1905), 4 more children were born.
  5. Martinus Nicolaas Lintelo, born 9 Nov 1848 in Amsterdam, he died on 31 Jul 1919 in den Haag. On 22 May 1878, in den Haag, he married withAnna Maria Margaretha Hijstek, born 20 Dec 1846 in den Haag, she died there on 11 Juni 1921. They had 4 children.
  6. Petrus Lintelo, born 19 May 1819 in Leiden, he died on 19 Jun 1873 in  Amsterdam. On 14 Nov 1845, in Amsterdam, he marries with Johanna Maria Servaas, born 16 Aug 1824 in Amsterdam, she died there on 2 Mar 1856. They had 7 children, a.o. Martinus (1848). Johanna dies in 1856 in labour, her daughter Johanna, born on 1 Mar of that year, dies at the age of 3. Petrus re-marries half a year later, on 27 Aug 1856, with Magdalena Elzabeth Maria Bonsen, with whom he has 4 more children. 
  7. N.N. has an illegitimate child (Petrus (1813)) with Hendrika Johanna (te, ter) Lintelo, born on 8 Jan 1788 in Rijssen, she died in Amsterdam on 11 Jan 1857. On 31 May 1826, in Amsterdam, she marries with Jan Hendrik Meijer, and re-marries as a widow on 26 Apr 1837 in Amsterdam with Joannes Servaas. He becomes the stepfather, and later the father-in-law of her son Petrus Lintelo (1813). Petrus receives his surname Lintelo from his mother, since the surname of his father is unknown. There does not exist a birth certificate for Petrus in Leiden, but there is a statement from the midwife that place and date are correct. 
  8. Hermannus ter Lintelo, baptised 9 May 1756 in Rijssen, he died there on 10 Nov 1814. He was an inn-keeper in Rijssen. On 11 Feb 1787, he married with Electa Giessen, baptised 28 Sep 1766 in Rijssen. She lived in Rijssen all of her life, and died there on 2 Nov 1839. They had 9 children,  Hendrika (1788) was the oldest one. 
  9. Theodorus (Derk) ter Lintelo, baptised 3 Sep 1729 in Rijssen, died there between 1779 and 1814. On 3 Mar 1764, in Rijssen, he married with Henrika Warnink. She was baptised on 27 Mar 1732 in Rijssen, and died there before 1814. They had 6 children, Hermannus (1764) was the oldest one. 
  10. Joannis ten Lyntelo, born about 1700. In 1715, he married (1) with Maria Michgorius. On 22 Feb 1728 he buys the citizenship of Rijssen. In 1717, in Haaksbergen, he married (2) with Aleidis van Kemna. They had 5 children, one of them was Theodorus (1729). 
  11. Arend te Lintelo, from Haaksbergen, died before 1712. In 1675, in Haaksbergen, he married with Trijntje Werners. They had 9 children, one of them was their son Jan.
  12. Derck te Lintelo, born about 1616, died about 1698. He was a person of social standing, was judge and inn-keeper, his inn was called "int rode herte" (the red deer). About 1644, he married with Lijsken te Lintelo (member of another Lintelo family group), they had 9 children, Arend probably was the oldest.
  13. Arent te Lintelo, born before 1582, he died after 1602, was married with Nebbe Tibberinck. They had 8 children, Derck was one of them. 

De oldest two generations are from a publication in de Nederlandsche Leeuw from 1913. The "missing link" (nr. 11) was given to us by Harry te Lintelo from Rijssen.