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Family line Norberdina Verhoeven

  1. Norberdina Francisca Maria Verhoeven was born on 4 Apr 1906 geboren in Bergen op Zoom, as number 8 in a line of 10 children. On 6 Sep 1934, in den Haag, she marries with Martinus Lintelo (1905-1984), they get 3 children. She died on 11 Jan 1987 in den Haag.
  2. Adrianus Johannes Verhoeven was born in 1863 in Bergen op Zoom, he died there in 1912. On 2 May 1889, in Bergen op Zoom he married with Suzanna Theresia Wouters, born in 1868 in Bergen op Zoom, she died in 1939 in den Haag. They had 10 kinderen, most of them emigrated to the U.S.A.
  3. Franciscus Antonius Verhoeven, born in 1827 in Breda, he died in 1907 in Bergen op Zoom, was a cobbler. On 2 Apr 1856, in Bergen op Zoom, he married with Maria Catharina van Gennip, born in 1824 in Bergen op Zoom, she died there in 1872. We have found 3 children.
  4. Adrianus Verhoeven was born in 1798 in Breda, he died there in 1850, also was a cobbler. On 22 Jun 1826, in Breda, he married with Cornelia Elisabeth Bruijnen, born about 1807 in Breda, she died in 1861 in Bergen op Zoom. They had 10 children.
  5. Johannes Cornelis Verhoeven was born in 1759 in Oosterhout, he died in 1808 in Breda. In 1789, he married in Breda with Johanna Barbara Noorden, born in 1753, she died in 1840 in Breda. They had at least 4 children.
  6. Cornelius Adrianus Verhoeven was born in in Dorst, he married in 1747 in Oosterhout with Adriana Hulshoudts. They had 5 children.
  7. Adrianus Cornelis Verhoeven was born in 1694 in Oosterhout, he died before 1728 in Dorst. In 1723, in Oosterhout, he married with Cornelia Willems Kerremans, they had at least 2 children.
  8. Cornelius Adriani Verhoeven was born in 1661 in Oosterhout, he married there in 1694 with Elisabeth Joanna Horvoets, they had 6 children.
  9. Adriaen Cornelissen Verhoevenyoung man of Oosterhout, married there in 1651 with Lijntien Jan Peters Goejaarts. Two children are known.