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Family line of Maartje Snel

  1. Maartje Snel was born on 9 Jul 1913 in Piershil, she died on 30 Jan 2009 in Zoetermeer. Maartje married on 22 Dec 1938 with Jan Roobol, born on 8 Feb 1913 in Oud-Beijerland, he died on 12 May 1982 in Gorinchem. Unfortunately, he could not attend his own wedding, because he was a soldier in the Dutch army in Indonesia. The young couple survived the second world war in Indonesia, and had two children: Marinus (1940) and Henny. Later, they moved back to the Netherlands, where they lived in Oud-Beijerland, Gorinchem, and Dalem, Vuren. 
  2. Dingeman Snel was born on 11 Jul 1882, he died on 13 Feb 1973, and married on 9 Nov 1911 with Baaltje Bokhout, born on 22 Sep 1888, she died on 9 May 1978. Up until they were very old, they lived in Piershil. 
  3. Arie Snel was born on 16 Jul 1839, he married on 5 Oct 1865 with Maartje Bokhout, born on 26 Jan 1841. Maartjes half brother Marinus Bokhout also became a grandfather of Maartje Snel (nr. 1). They had 9 children. 
  4. Nicolaas (Klaas) Snel was born on 30 Nov 1799, he died on 10 Apr 1858, and married in 1824 with Maaike van der Horde. On 28 May 1837, he re-married with Jannigje van Leenen, born on 19 Feb 1816. They lived in Piershil, Klaaswaal, and Oud-Beijerland. 
  5. Arij Janszn Snel was baptised on 2 Mar 1766, he died on 13 Dec 1819, and married on 5 Oct 1794 with Maartje Bouwman, she died on 11 Sep 1830. They were labourers and lived in Piershil. They had at least 3 children. 
  6. Jan Arends Snel was baptised on 11 May 1738, he married on 29 Mar 1765 with Hendrikje Rollof, baptised on 1 Januari 1747. Hendrikje re-married in 1779 with Hendrik Breur. She was a daughter of Arij Henderikse Rollof and Cornelia van der Bie. They lived in Goudswaard and had  4 children. 
  7. Arije Jans Snel, of Geervliet, was baptised on 21 Aug 1707, he died in  January of 1780, married on 19 May 1737 withMarietje Pieters Drogendijk, of Korendijk, baptised on 23 Jul 1713. They had 5 children. 
  8. Jan Arense Snel married about 1700 in Zuidland with Marijtje Cornelis van Schow. They had 14 (!) children. 
  9. Arij Snel, buried on 10 Jan 1709 in Geervliet.